Staying Motivated Moment to Moment

Staying motivated requires a plan of action.

I Feel Motivated…

Greetings!  Here we are, officially 2 days into my summer vacation.  I feel very motivated. The long break I need and wait for so impatiently every year is finally here.  Teaching is a stressful job.  If it wasn’t for some of these teaching “perks”, like long vacations, I may not have lasted in this field for as long as I have. I become rejuvenated from the long summer breaks.

Every year, leading up to summer break, I build it up in my mind that it will be the “best summer of my life”, as my motivation is always very high.  Only this year has been different so far.  I am making a plan to actually make it happen.  I found this quote on Pinterest recently that made me realize how important it is to have a plan of action.

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

Yeah, I am not sure I will change the world, but I hope at least to change my small world I live in.  I believe my happiness depends on this.

Past Experiences…

Every summer, I generally spend the month of June in good spirits.  But somewhere around July, my mood starts to change and I traditionally start to “fall down” in spirits and motivation dwindles away.  In the past, I have gone into depressive episodes around this time of the summer that often last well into the fall.

In fact, this is exactly what happened to me last year, and I ended up seeking medical help.  I decided it was time to make a change in my medication because of the stagnancy in my mental outlook and my motivation.  I had to see a new psychiatric nurse practitioner, as my previous practitioner moved away.  It ended up being a wonderful experience as I found myself happier than I ever had before.

She drastically changed my medications, and I became motivated and energized like I never had before. Since last July I have lost 25 pounds, just because of the fact that I did not spend the past year sleeping my life away.  Generally, I slept about 16 hours a day every weekend and anywhere from 1-3 hours an evening during the week.  I felt constantly drowsy and fatigued due to taking too much medicine.

Finally, physically I feel my best.

A Plan of Action to Stay Motivated…

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But. like I mentioned before, I never had a set plan or goal for “my most awesome summer”.  A few evenings ago, I made a list of things on my iPad I want to accomplish this summer.  I made 4 main goals. 

The first goal is “My Home”.  I hope to declutter and clean it top to bottom.  Next, is “My Crafts”.  I love crafting.  I feel motivated to craft and be artistic ever since changing my meds last summer. Thirdly, my goal is “My Blog”.  I hope to make it better and to create lots of content this summer.  Lastly, my goal is “Me”. This area is very broad and has to do with anything with my life in general, from becoming more physically active to taking better care of my family to taking a college course.

I Still Struggle Everyday…

In the last 2 days, where I have unofficially had to work as a teacher, I have started to put my plan into action.  However, both of the last 2 days I have slept way too late into the morning.  Obviously, I need to work on a consistent sleeping schedule.  I want to wake up early, but not quite as early as I do for school, and I want to go to bed much earlier than during the school year..  I think my mental and physical health will only benefit from a consistent, balanced routine during the day.

Unfortunately, because of sleeping so late into the day, I have felt very guilty and have been hard on myself. I have had to let go of the guilt and consciously make an effort to do better.  I have been able to turn the last 2 days  around, and so far have been very happy with what I have accomplished in the remaining parts of the day.


Remember, you can always start your day over at any moment and end up on a more positive note.  Just don’t be too hard on yourself.  Also, remember that in the words of Scarlett O’Hara “After all, tomorrow is another day.”

This should help remind you that there is always room for improvement in our lives.

Staying Motivated is Hard Work…

We  motivated in our daily lives.  When you have chronic depression, this is one of the hardest things to do. So, not only do I have my goals for the summer set in writing, but I also write a daily “to do” list.  I check off the items as I finish a job.  This gives me a sense of accomplishment.

We need to complete simple tasks to get the ball rolling.  This positivity just feeds off of our emotions and makes us feel so much better.  Even if we start off the day on the wrong foot, there is no reason we can’t change our course.  Think about what you need to do.  It can be something as simple as taking a shower or making our bed.  Make a list of what you want to accomplish.  Write a list of 5 simple tasks to accomplish for the day.  If you complete them, maybe write 5 more tasks.  I promise, completing these goals will continue to motivate you more and more everyday!

God bless,




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Born, raised, and lived my whole life in Kansas, I am a full time teacher, wife, and mother. I suffer from anxiety and depression and have to work everyday to keep my mental illness under control. I love God, my family, KU basketball, KC Royals baseball, crafting!

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  1. You are so awesome Marji ! Thanks for sharing this ! It is good stuff! All motivation and encouraging ! Praying you have a blessed happy productive, fun summer ! God bless you !

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I hope it turns out well for me too. It is usually such a struggle. Just being able to spent time with you girls every week will help keep my spirits up too. Much love ❤️

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